Borat ***1/2



“Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan” is painfully funny, and painfully honest.  That is a hard achievement for comedies these days.  Most comedic films just play it safe.  Nobody wants to offend anybodies delicate beliefs.  It is about time a movie like this came out, which holds no bars, and attacks everyone and anyone.  But “Borat” does not stop there.  It continues to expose some very sad views from the underbelly of America.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that it is painfully funny? 

You might know Borat from “Da Ali G Show”, as a reporter from Kazakhstan, who fears Jews and lives his life in the most non politically correct fashion.  His hobbies include making sexy time with lovely ladies,  as well as making sure the town rapist stays away from animals.  When his country decides to send him to America to make a documentary, he is delighted.

From there, the movie follows Borat as he interviews feminists, religious leaders and unsuspecting citizens.  What they have to say is pretty scary.  Most rave about their views on the war, and agree with his fear of the Jewish.  But what was most interesting is how people just don’t get the joke.  When he announces to a crowd of rednecks at a rodeo that his country “supports their war of terror”, they react with applause. 

Others get very offended.  Like the feminist group for example.  Borat is surprised to find that the woman in American is aloud to get an education.  He asks how they can deal with that when their brains are smaller then woman’s brains.  That pretty much ends the interview.  When he invites a hooker to an upper class dinner party, he pretty much wears out his welcome.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a man with no fear.  He plays this character straight.  He is always willing to do pretty much anything for a joke or a laugh.  He has no fear of how people will react.  This is a rare gift.  Tom Green would attempt such shenanigans in his day, but never like this. 

After it was over I was physically in pain.  I have not laughed like that in a long while.  But what has stuck with me is the mentality of a lot of Americans, especially a group of frat boys that Borat hooks up with for a short road trip.  They rant and rave about how slavery should still be around, and that they enjoy treating woman with zero respect.  This was the one part where I was not laughing, and just staring in horror and disbelief.  What century are we living in again?


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