Crank ***

Jason Statham in “Crank”

This is the second movie I have seen this year that has been simply off the charts.  The other was “Running Scared” starring Paul Walker in maybe his best performance.  Here Jason Statham is given the same theme of time running out, brutal gangsters and a world that is trying to take him out.  It is also filmed in the same frantic and over the top style.  Both films are simply impressive trash. 

Jason Statham stars as Chev Chelios, a professional hit man.  He awakens in his apartment woozy, as if he had the boots laid to him the night before.  He finds a DVD and watches it. On the DVD is a rival gang member, informing him that he has been injected with the Beijing cocktail.  This is a lethal poison that kills you quite quickly.  So with less then an hour to spare he goes off to kill everybody has done this to him.

But there is a twist.  He can postpone his inevitable fate if he can keep his adrenaline up.  How he does this is probably the most interesting part of this story.  From starting a fight black gang members to having sex with his girlfriend on a crowded street corner, this man finds some of the most bizarre ways to keep himself pumped up so to speak.  When he slows down, he can feel the poison taking effect. 

Statham plays Chelios as a man who will stop at nothing to take out his enemies.  He has absolutely nothing to lose.  He will be dead at some point today.  All he can do is slow the process as he tries to track down the scum responsible.  His girlfriend is played by Amy Smart as a girl who does everything and anything to help him. 

You know, I want to say that movies like this rarely ever get made but this is the second one inside of a few months.  Is Hollywood coming back around to the R rated action films that they very much need to be making?  I’m not sure, but I for one am excited.  Yes this movie is offensive, over the top, gory, and ridiculously violent but you know what, there is an audience for this type of movie and I’m a part of it.  If you have seen “Running Scared” you know what I’m talking about and if you liked that movie and “Crank”, then I assume you agree with me



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