Snakes On A Plane ***


Samuel L. Jackson in "Snakes On A Plane"

After you see “Snakes On A Plane”, you will walk out realizing that the movie you just saw was basically crack cocaine from beginning to end.  After all the hype online, in magazines and talks shows, to actually see this film is surreal.  The experience of it is everything you could ever want.  There are a load of snakes on a damn plane!

Now I wish you could see it the way I did.  On opening night with a rather rowdy crowd.  Last time the crowd was like this was for the opening night of “Freddy Vs. Jason”.  After all the hype that has built this movie to high heaven, it finally paid off in a pure movie going experience. 

The plot, if you need more than the explanation from the title, involves a federal agent, played by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson, who is escorting a witness from Hawaii to L.A.  About two hours in, a crate load of deadly snakes is unleashed upon the unsuspecting passengers.  Yes I have to admit, this is not a full proof plan by the bad guys who are trying to kill the witness, but it sets up a fabulously entertaining movie. 

Now when this was brought to the attention of world of blogs, the frenzy began.  The hype built and built.  The studio even let a few fans write some of the lines you hear in the movie.  They also went back and made the movie with more gore in the attempt to get an R rating.  This is unheard of in today’s cinema.  Studios love the PG-13 rating. 

Samuel L. Jackson has been raving about this movie ever since he signed on, without reading the script I might add.  Here he plays a hard ass agent with words of wisdom as well as some serious words of frustration.  “I have had it with these mother f&Bng snakes on board this mother f&2ng plane!”.  It doesn’t get any better than that i’m afraid. 

What surprised me is how effective the action is in this movie.  When the snakes start coming from everywhere it became quite tense and frightening.  Mind you when they bite off a girls nipple or a guys you know what, I laughed.  But when they corner innocent folk and snap at them till they foam from the eye balls, I was a little freaked. 

Now this movie is not for everyone.  I’m thinking that if you find you recite lines from “Army of Darkness” a few times a week, this film is for you.  Or if you make it a chore to visit “Office Space” more times then you should, this film is for you.  You have to have a sick sense of humor and a real love for B movies to get in to this movie. 


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