Click ***


Christopher Walken and Adam Sandler in "Click"

You know, I am an Adam Sandler fan since his early days on Saturday Night Live.  I used to wait up till midnight on Saturday nights just to see him and a variety of others.  At that time SNL was at a very high point.  Most of the time I would fall asleep after a few skits simply because I was 12, and used to getting up early for school. 

His transition in to the world of cinema has been quite easy as he has posted numerous hit films.  Some I have loved, others didn’t work for me.  My favourites include “The Wedding Singer”, “Happy Gilmore”, “Punch-Drunk Love”, and “50 First Dates”.  Some that I disliked were “The Waterboy” and “Mr. Deeds”. 

“Click” is added in to the list as one of my favourites.  This is a funny film that really got me in the end.  It starts out as a pretty routine Sandler film and descends in to a heart tugging drama.  Yes the last half of the film is cheesy, with hallmark dialogue and see through performances but you know what, it got me!  I fell for it.  I wanted things to work out. 

Sandler stars as Michael Newman.  He is an architect who has no time for family as his job and his boss (David Hasselhoff) consume all of his life.  On the fourth of July weekend he pretty much ignores everybody has he sits on his cell phone the whole time.   I particularly enjoyed the vintage Sandler moment as when he freaks out and chases down a bunch of teenage punks.  Classic. 

When visiting a Bed, Bath, And Beyond, he goes beyond and buys a universal remote.  But this is no ordinary universal remote.  It is made by a kooky scientist named Morty played by the invaluable Christopher Walken.  It allows Michael to stop time and fast forward through unwanted parts of his life.  But eventually it goes on auto pilot and he ends up missing pretty much everything.

Now there are some hilarious scenes, as when Sandler pauses time to beat and fart on his boss.  Or when he lays the boots to the nuts of Sean Astin.  But what really hooked me in to this movie was the lessons that Michael learns as he watches his life ripped away from him.  It was all done like it was meant for a greeting card, but the performances did it for me and I was reeled in. 


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