Nacho Libre **

Jack Black in "Nacho Libre"

Jack Black in "Nacho Libre"

“Nacho Libre” was one of my most anticipated movies of 2006.  How can a movie starring Jack Black as a Mexican wrestler be anything but stellar.  Look at the poster for the movie.  That just oozes cool.  After seeing the movie I was quite distraught.  There were some very funny parts, but over all the movie seemed so bland.

Most people that know me, know that I was not a fan of “Napoleon Dynamite”.  That was a movie that grated my brain.  There was nothing funny about it.  I’m not sure what exactly hooked it in to cult status.  But oh well. 

Black plays Ignacio, a Mexican priest working at an orphanage.  He cooks them food that looks like gruel.  He complains that he is not given enough money to cook them a tasty meal.  So he starts moonlighting as a luchador in the evenings.  His wrestling name is Nacho.  Night after night he gets his ass handed to him by all sorts of strange dudes.  These scenes are the funniest in the movie.  I especially liked the final move that brings down Ramses, the current champion.  It is everything outside of the ring that is quite boring. 

I can’t quite put my finger on it exactly.  I think Jared Hess’ style of filmmaking does not really suit a wrestling movie starring Jack Black.  There needs to be a kind of manic energy in more scenes.  Hess seems very laid back.  Almost in the vein of Wes Anderson.  Its weird to see two different styles clashing on the screen.  I guess I was expecting something different. 

I almost do not want to deter you from seeing this film.  There is lots of good in it.  But after its over, I think you will have that same sort of empty feeling I had.  Nothing really gelled together here, which is a shame because there is tons of potential here. 


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