Mission: Impossible III ***


Tom Cruise attempts to out run missiles in "Mission: Impossible III"

“Mission: Impossible III” is a sugar rush of a film  It is two hours of balls to the wall action.  They might as well of thrown the kitchen sink at somebody because that was all that was left.  If the first movie was a suspense thriller and the second one a ballet of bullets this one is just slam bang action, plain and simple.  Does that mean I did not like it?  Nope, I very much enjoyed it.

The first movie was directed by Brian De Palma.  The plot took a few viewings to really clear up but over all I thought it was quite awesome.  It was atmospheric and character driven.  The second one was helmed by John Woo, who dialed down the story in place of shoot outs and chase scenes.  Also enjoyable. 

This time we find first time director, J.J. Abrams in the drivers seat.  You might know him as the creator of such show’s as “Alias” and “Lost”.  With a movie like “Mission Impossible” he is provied with a lot more budget, bigger toys and a grander scope.  On this he delivers.  But I found some of his directing in the smaller scenes to not be as tight as they could have been.  I liked the fact that we get to see Ethan Hunt settled down and enoying a home life but I found that the alternating scenes between this and high tech action to be a little clunky.  One second he is at his engagement party the next he is engaging in a massive shoot out in Berlin. 

But that is a minor gripe.  I really did think this was a terrific movie.  Mainly because the action was amazing.  There is some really creative stuff here.  For example there is an attack on a bridge that equals that of the bridge attack in “True Lies”.  And wouldn’t you know that after all that action, it boils down to a little suspense filled chase scene to end the movie.

The plot involves Tom Cruise pitting himself against a ruthless arms dealer played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Hoffman is after a weapon called the rabbits foot.  What it is and what it does is a mystery.  The plan involves an elaborate kidnapping at the Vatican followed by a new ways to interrogate people for information.  One involves hanging somebody out of a plane, the other involves injecting an explosive device in to somebodie’s head. 

All very cool stuff.  In the end though, after all the smoke clears, this boils down to escapist entertainment.  And an expensive one at that.  Costs reported to be at a 150 million.  It is terriffic entertainment and I can’t wait to collect it on Bluray.


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