Slither ***


“Slither” is one of the grossest horror movies I have seen. It is also one of the funniest. It has some weird and wonderful performances in it that make it worth watching, especially by Nathan Fillion as a laid back town sheriff and Michael Rooker as a deranged millionaire who becomes possessed by a disgusting alien.

The film was written and directed by James Gunn, who before this wrote the two live action “Scooby Doo” movies as well as the “Dawn Of The Dead” remake. Quite a mixed bag of films so far. Who know he had such a twisted sense of humor in him.

“Slither” is about a tiny alien being that crash lands on earth, in a sleepy town called Wheelsy. It is discovered by Grant (Michael Rooker), a local citizen who is out cheating on his wife in the woods. The alien being immediately burrows in to grant through his chest and takes control of his mind and body. It then uses Grants form to infect others with a virus that will spread and take over the planet. The virus I spread through these oversized maggots that try to get in to peoples mouths, turning them in to zombies. Yes you read that right.

The towns sheriff (Nathan Fillion) fights back against the alien with a tiny band of survivors. If you have seen any movies with Nathan Fillion you can already pretty much see how he plays the role. He brings his usual dry humor and sarcastic charms to the performance and pretty much steals the movie. I also found the towns mayor, played by Gregg Henry to be absolutely hysterical.

In the end “Slither” is a funny and clever horror flick that has some gross moments that will be forever burned in to your mind. Be warned.


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