Hostel **

hostelYou know I’m getting a little tired of movies passing themselves off as horror and containing nothing more than just gristly violence.   Both “Saw” movies were good, but must all horror films take place in dingy, filthy dungeons and include brutal torture?  I will say that this movie does not hold back on the gore.  I was very impressed, especially when a hapless young girl has here eye ball burned out with a blow torch.  Yes I’m a sick man, but this is what I expect from movies that claim to be shocking.

The plot involves a trio of travellers making their way across Europe in search of gorgeous babes.  When they find them it comes with a cost.  They find themselves lured in to a nightmare full of blood and dismemberment.  The reasons behind their torture I will not reveal.  I will say that it could be happening some where. 

In the end though I found that the movie went a little berserk with blood and didn’t really contain a compelling story.  It has entertaining violence and lots of dark humour, as well as plenty of undressed ladies, but nothing to connect it all together.  What shocks me the most is that Eli Roth is considered one of the pioneers of this new wave of horror movies.  He started it all with “Cabin Fever” which is one of the worst of the worst when it comes to horror.


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