Doom **


What can you say about a film adaptation of the video game “Doom”?  Does it accurately portray the deeply emotional and interesting characters from the game or display the complex story that constituted that particular computer entertainment?  The answer is yes.  This movie accurately chronicles men with automatic weapons, wandering aimlessly around killing disgusting aliens. 

Did I enjoy it?  Yes and no.  The funny thing is that for me, there wasn’t enough killing.  Half the movie tries to build phony suspense in a series of boring scenes where the main characters simply walk around in the dark.  The movie is at its best when we get a first person view for a few minutes as one of the characters not only shoots many baddies, but gets his hands on a chainsaw for a little slice and dice action.  This is how I remember the game. 

The Rock’s career keeps plugging along after some sub par performances at the box office.  “The Rundown” was a great ride, “Walking Tall” was not, and “Doom” doesn’t do much to up his resume.  I just hope he can pair up with a real action director who can give him some character as well as big guns.
Do I suggest you go and see it?  Only if you like gruesome violence, stupid characters and a no vacancy plot.  I can’t really give this a thumbs up, but I admit that it was entertaining on a goofy, B movie level.  Kind of a low rent “Aliens”.


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