Domino ***


 always love when a movie starts with the phrase “based on a true story”.  “Domino” starts with a phrase like that but then adds in “sort of”.  Sort of is right. 

“Domino” is based on the real life of Domino Harvey, the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey turned away from her career as a Ford model to become a bounty hunter.  To get in to the the plot with more detail would take many blog postings. 

What I can say is that I liked the movie for its characters, energy, and dark humour.  But I was bothered by director Tony Scott’s overkill editing style.  He totally destroyed “Man on Fire” with it and came close with this movie.  Now i’m a guy who loves creative filmmaking and style, but what Scott does is show us the events of his story in either slow motion, fast confusing editing, or extreme close ups.  This goes on for the entire running time of the movie. 

Thank the lord for performaces from the likes of Christopher Walken, Mickey Rourke, Kiera Knightly and Delroy Lindo.  Also a memorable visit with Jerry Springer.


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