Charlie And The Chocolate Factory **1/2


Went to see the latest collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Another adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Gene Wilder first played Willy Wonka back in the 70’s.  Johnny Depp now steps in to the role, and creates a Wonka so disturbing that I just could not wrap my head around it.  I would not let this man anywhere near my children.  Is it me or did his performance remind anybody else of Michael Jackson? 

Either way it disturbed me like no other this year.  The production design was stellar, as the factory is brought to life in full force with candy fields and chocolate rivers.  I felt that CG was used a little to much at some points.  I also liked the performances by the kids, each representing the various ways in which parents can fail their children.  All except for Charlie of course, he is raised by a loving family.

His family was kind of the high point for me.  They live in a wonderfully warped shack, where all four of his grandparents literally live in a big bed, while his mom cooks cabbage soup, and his father works hard at a toothe paste factory. 

The production is almost first rate, its just that Depps performance was just creepy.  But I mean creepy to the point at which my nerves were rattled.  I’m not really sure if kids will enjoy this or not, but I do recommend it as a matinee, just to see the sights. 


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