Fantastic Four *


And the worst movie of the year goes to the “Fantastic Four”.  Ever seen a movie that is just straight up bad from beginning to end?  This is one of those movies.  The only dim light in this dark, dark tunnel is that Chris Evans has some funny lines.  Other than that this movie just plain sucks.

Everything about it is stunningly awful.  The acting is terrible.  Jessica Alba was so good in Sin City, but here I was just not convinced that she was a scientist.  Whoever that guy was that played Doctor Doom made me angry with every line he uttered. 

The action and effects here are so bad.  Mr. Fantastic looked so CG, that even Elastagirl from the “Incredibles” looked more realistic.  The Thing looks like a guy a rubber suit.  Enough said.   The human torch had some neat tricks, but nothing to bring this movie to life.

You know what really got to me though?  This movie is just plain ugly to look at.  The lighting was all wrong, the sets were uninspired, and the scenes in space were disastrous. 

This is a real shame because the Fantastic Four were one of the flagship comic books that started the Marvel name.  In this day and age, when X2, Batman Begins, and Spider-man 2 are available, a movie like this should flop hard. 


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