Mr. And Mrs. Smith ***

mrandmrssmithSome movies work as pure entertainment, and nothing else.  Take “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” for example.  Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a married couple each with a deadly secret.  They are both government assassins.  But to each other, they are all around good citizens.  When they discover this dilemma, they engage in mortal combat and deadly showdowns.  That is the movie in a nut shell.

  Movies like this can either be really fun, or incredibly stupid.  I mean stupid on an epic scale.  Its up to the actors to just simply enjoy themselves.  Here Pitt and Jolie have so much chemistry together, that everything else just works.  This is the movie that these two needed after movies like “Troy” and “Tomb Raider.” 

Director Doug Liman, again straying away from “Swingers” territory, gives us another slick action picture involving spies.  This time the material is a little lighter, leaving lots of room for good comedy.  I can get giddy thinking about what he could do with a real script in hand.  Just look at the opening scenes, where Pitt and Jolie meet down Bogata.  Their first eye contact just lights a fire of attraction.  They spend a romantic night getting drunk and dancing, only to wake up and have breakfast.  From there on they get married and settle down.  

Years go by and the couple find that they are becoming distant in their marriage.  Could it be that their professions are getting to them?  I couldn’t say for sure, I’m not exactly a cold blooded killer.  Soon things get interesting when they are both sent on the same mission, and discover each others real identities.  Imagine “True Lies” crossed with “The War Of The Roses” and you will get an idea of where the story goes.

As for the action, I was very pleased to see so much gun fire.  This better have a DTS soundtrack when it hits DVD.  There are just not enough movies with random gun fire these days.  Everything is becoming too family friendly.  But this movie gives us enough car chases and shootings to keep give us hope that action movies are not doomed.

In the end this movie is great entertainment.  Its a good date movie, summer movie, action movie and comedy.  Everything we need to see after a long hot day.  But if your expecting a complex plot, with heart rendering drama, and a screen play that digs deep in to the human soul.  Wait for Oscar season friends.


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