House Of 1000 Corpses ***


I remember back before this movie came out, Rob Zombie, the director, famously clashed with the studio over the film’s release. Universal refused to distribute the film fearing that it would be slapped with an NC-17 rating due to the disturbing content. This caused a major buzz among horror fans as they became desperate to see this movie. It would take three years and a different studio before this movie finally saw the light of day. The result is was entertaining but no where near the hype.

The story follows a deranged family of killers called the Firefly’s. Think of the family from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” but even more bizarre and weird. When a group of unsuspecting teenagers wander in to their property they proceed to torture and murder them one by one.

The gore and violence are all pretty over the top but nothing that should of warranted a studio to try to prevent the public from seeing it. I have seen way more disturbing content then what goes on in this movie.

Zombie proves to be a fairly effective director. He is quite good at creating a creepy atmosphere. He also fills his movie with bizarre sequences like when the unsuspecting victims end up taking an amusement park ride that pays homage to serial killers. I also enjoyed the vile Halloween traditions of the Firefly family.

Now in the end I enjoyed the movie but it was no where near the “The most shocking tale of carnage ever seen” that it claimed to be.


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