Mission To Mars **


“Mission To Mars” was another disappointing sci-fi film released in 2000. The director is Brian De Palma, a master craftsman, some how lets this film slip away from him.

The cast is superb and they all turn in great performances. This includes Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, Don Cheadle and Connie Nielsen. They all play astronauts. As you can tell from the title they are sent to Mars on a rescue mission.

As the film opens we see a crew that has already arrived on Mars ready to explore. They happen upon a strange looking peak. When they get too close a massive funnel cloud appears from the top and kills everyone but Cheadle. The effects here are awesome yet terrifying.

The rest of the cast are dispatched across the galaxy to find out what happened and mount a rescue. This is when the movie starts to fall apart. Sequence after sequence goes on for too long as the characters make decisions that defy reason.

Then the end of the movie brings us face to face with a lame, half baked idea of where life on earth came from as well as an alien being that looks about as good as any of the characters from the original Nintendo.


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