Scream 3 ***


“Scream 3” was the final instalment of the “Scream” franchise until they dusted it off 11 years later for a fourth round. At the time it came out just as the series was peaking. The first two films were both surprise box office hits so a third was inevitable. But where do you take the story logically? Well you make it a sort of spoof about trilogies. Makes sense since the first film was about self aware characters, the second was about the rules of sequels, so a trilogy is fresh ground.

Compared to it’s predecessor’s this was the weakest film in the series as well as the most outrageous. In the end when the killer was unmasked it was sort of a let down. You could tell that the creators were really stretching. But the film is a fun and entertaining ride for sure.

The plot involves the production of the movie “Stab 3”. The original “Stab” was the movie they made about the events in the original “Scream”. One of the pleasures of this series is all the movies within movies. I love the casts they come up with for these as well.

All the surviving principles are back again. You can really tell that they were just about finished with these roles as a few of them were just sort of phoning it in by now.

The “Scream” series remains one of my favourite thriller franchises. We just do not get smart slasher or even horror flicks like this anymore and when we do, they don’t do well at the box office which is a shame.


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