Eye Of The Beholder *


“Eye Of The Beholder” is a bad film on so many levels. The first is the story. Here we have Ewan McGregor playing an intelligence agent who become fascinated with a serial killer played by Ashley Judd. The film chronicles his journey as he stalks here all over the country, watching her kill people. He becomes so obsessed with her that he even commits crimes himself to stop her from getting married.

The second problem I had is with the casting. I just didn’t believe that Ashley Judd’s character was a murderer. I just can’t see her in that role. She was born to play ass kicking heroines, such as her roles in “Kiss The Girls” and “Double Jeopardy”.

My last problem is with the editing of this film. Everything is laid out about as confusingly as it possibly can be. The plot is a muddled mess that never becomes clear. After it was over I couldn’t really care about sorting it out anyway I just wanted to move on.


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