Star Trek: Insurrection ***


“Star Trek: Insurrection” was a big step back after the great “First Contact”. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but I recognize that it is one of the lesser Trek films. I remember it fondly as it came out in my last year of high school.

The plot this time involves Starfleet’s Prime Directive. This is the chief rule that Starfleet will not interfere with any alien civilizations that have not achieved space flight or warp speed. But this rule is broken when Starfleet decides to relocate the peaceful Ba’ku so that they can harvest the regenerative properties of the rings that surround their planet. These rings basically provide immortality to anyone living on the planet’s surface as well as the ability to heal any and all illness’ and disabilities. For example the Enterprise’s chief engineer, Geordi La Forge finds that his blindness is suddenly cured.

Starfleet believes that they can further their own medical sciences but they will first re-locate the Ba’Ku without their knowledge. This completely violate’s the Prime Directive.

The result is a battle between the Enterprise and it’s crew and a faction of Starfleet that has aligned itself with an alien race known as the Ru’Afo, who also will benefit from the regenerative properties.

The action and effects are top notch in this entry, I just found that the screenplay was no where near as tight or compelling as that of “First Contact”. Director Jonathan Frakes returns for his second round in this franchise.

The odd legacy that “Insurrection” leaves on the franchise is that it is the last good film to feature Captain Picard and his crew. The next in the series would almost doom the franchise for good.


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