Tomorrow Never Dies ***


“Tomorrow Never Dies” debuted at a time when the movie business was changing. It actually opened the same day in 1997 as “Titanic”. Thankfully it actually was a big box office success which is more than I can say for any other movie that opened during the reign of James Cameron’s current Oscar winner.

“Tomorrow Never Dies” was the follow up to the great “Goldeneye”. It is an entertaining action thriller but I admit I was a little disappointed that the story was short changed in place of more action. From start to finish Bond runs a marathon of gun fire, explosions, fights, and chases.

The villain this time is a media mogul named Elliot Carver played deliciously by Jonathan Pryce. His scheme involves starting a war between China and Britain so that his news ratings will go up. I could see a station like Fox News maybe doing the same thing.

Carver is married to Paris played by Teri Hatcher. Seems she had a relationship with Bond many years ago. Points to you if you guessed they would restart their intimacy.

“Tomorrow Never Dies” also pairs Bond with a deadly agent played by Michelle Yeoh. She can handle her own during the action sequences but also provides a lot of interesting insights in to the current times.

Now if you thought James Bond needed more action than this is the movie for you. The film opens with a shooting that turns in to an arial dog fight then moves right along to a few shoot outs and fights followed by an insane car chase where Bond’s new vehicle gets to show off all of it’s new gadgets. Then there is another chase in which a helicopter rains down bullets as Bond escapes by motorbike. My favorite stunt has to be when they jump the bike over top of the helicopter.

Now I am all for stunts and action but this one almost becomes overkill. I wish they had dropped one of the many chases and added in more plot to be honest. But it is what it is and it is a hell of a thrill ride.


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