Metro ***1/2


“Metro” is an expertly crafted police thriller that is fuelled by one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest and most assured performances of his career.

The plot starts out as most standard cop thrillers do but then quickly becomes personal and deadly for the hero. Murphy stars as Scott Roper, a hostage negotiator who is at the top of his field. The film opens with him talking down a junky bank robber who has taken hostages during a hold up. When is partner is killed by a jewel thief he quickly gets caught up in a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

The villain is played by Michael Wincott in one of his most vicious and diabolical performances. He made a career out of playing bad guys in the 90’s but this one was his most memorable.

“Metro” was directed by Thomas Carter, who is not really known for directing action movies at all. Here he stages some truly sensational chases, the highlight of which is at the centre of the movie when Michael Wincott’s character hijacks a San Francisco trolley car which ends up speeding through traffic, throwing cars through the air as well as passengers.

Movies like this make me long for a different time at the cinema. Back in 1997, this movie was actually a flop which is a real shame. Now we get action thrillers that contain nothing but CGI action as well as chop shop editing and shaky cams.


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