Star Trek: First Contact ****


“Star Trek: First Contact” is not only one of the best Star Trek movies ever made it is the best of the series to feature the “Next Generation” crew. I remember when I saw this movie in the theatres and the amazing reaction it got from the crowd. It was one of those special screenings where you are with the right group of people who all love Star Trek, who were all together to witness a fantastic entry to the whole franchise.

The story this time involves the Borg, one of the more memorable villains from the television series. The Borg are an alien species that fuse cybernetic parts with the flesh of living organisms. They function as one collective mind. Their purpose is to assimilate world’s in to their drones.

As the film opens, the Borg are launching an all out war on Starfleet with the intent on assimilating Earth. This results in a massive space battle between all of Starfleet’s ships and the massive cube structure the Borg travel in. When the Enterprise figures out a weakness in the Borg ship they destroy it but not before a small band of them escape and travel back in time. The Enterprise follows them and discovers that they are attempting to attack earth before it had reached warp capability.

This results in a battle for the Enterprise itself when the Borg transport aboard out of desperation and begin to assimilate the crew.

The stakes in this are high and the tension never lets up. The screenplay is like clockwork as it takes us through a chess match between the protagonists and the antagonists of the story. But there are also stakes on earth as well as the Borg have altered earth’s timeline by attempting to destroy the first ship that could achieve warp speed.

I feel like I have said too much already. Basically this is an awesome movie, not only for Trek fans, but for anyone who enjoys awesome sci-fi. Everyone that we know and love from “The Next Generation” series back and better than ever.


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