Star Trek: Generations ***


“Star Trek: Generations” marks the first Trek film with the crew of the “Next Generation”. But it does have some of the original cast to pass the torch, and even includes Captain Kirk in the finale of the film as he joins forces with Captain Picard.

As the film opens, we witness Kirk, Scotty and Bones as they board the new Enterprise. It appears they are retired and are brought on the ships maiden voyage as a publicity stunt. In true Star Trek fashion, this light jaunt for the media turns in to an actual emergency when the ship receives a distress call. This brings them face to face with the Nexus, which is a bizarre energy ribbon that travels through the galaxy. They successfully manage to save refugees that were caught in it’s gravitational pull but lose Captain Kirk in the process.

Cut to almost a century later and the Enterprise is now Captained by Jean-Luc Picard. While in deep space they receive an emergency call from a solar observatory. When they arrive they find everyone dead except for Dr. Soran, played by Malcolm McDowell. Initially they blame the attack on Romulans but eventually it is revealed that Soran is in league with Klingons as he tries to make his way back in to the Nexus.

Turns out the Nexus is almost like a floating alternate dimension. Once you enter it, you arrive at some kind of joyous illusion where your life is perfect. This is where Picard finds Kirk. In the end they join forces to take down Soran and the Klingons.

As a “Star Trek” movie I have to say it is pretty good. It has a little bit of everything that makes for a great Trek movie. There is the mystery of the Nexus, some pretty awesome space battles, and good performances from the “Next Generation” cast. I just wish the plot was a little tighter and the finale was a little more grand.

The last act of the film is the team up of Kirk and Picard that everyone was looking forward to. It seems to me that it is a bit of a let down to find that they basically engage the villain in a fist fight for the fate of a planet full of people.

I still enjoy the movie though. It contains characters we have come to know and love. It passes the torch respectfully and sets the stage for future adventures with this new crew.


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