The Santa Clause ****


One of my favourite Christmas classics is “The Santa Clause” starring Tim Allen.  It is a neat take on the origins of Santa.  How one gets the job of Santa, which could happen to almost anybody, whether they like it or not. 

Imagine Santa lands on your roof and your dad goes outside thinking that their is a burglar trying to get it.  He startles Santa, who falls three floors on to the lawn.  Your dad goes looking for the identification of this man and finds a card that says “If something happens to me, put on the suit and the reindeer will no what to do”.  So he does, and he instantly becomes Santa, no matter how much he protests.

This is the setup for “The Santa Clause”.  Tim Allen stars as Scott Calvin, who works for a toy company, is divorced, and is barely in the life of his young son Charlie.  The two are brought together after Scott becomes Santa.  Only moments after the original Santa falls from the room, Scott and Charlie find themselves in the sleigh, bounding from roof top, to roof top, delivering toys. 

Eventually the end the evening in the North Pole.  This is where we meet the head elf Bernard, who explains in more detail that Scott is now the new Santa.  By putting on the suit he has accepted the contract.  When he wakes up on Christmas morning, he finds himself back at home in his bed, and assumes everything was a vivid dream. 

Over the next year Scott begins to change.  He  becomes fat, grows a snowy white beard, and finds himself in a much more jolly spirit.  Of course this causes problems with his ex wife as she assumes that Scott has become delusional and is playing out the fantasy of their son.  This leads to a custody battle. 

By the third act of the film, Scott has accepted the fact that he is Santa, and preps his big night with the elves. 

The story hums along, never skipping a beat and always is faithful to the Christmas spirit.  Sure there might be a few hallmark moments, but who cares.  This is what a Christmas movie should be like.  Every thing is punctuated by a performance by Tim Allen that incorporates his dry and sarcastic sense of humour.  This is a great holiday film for the whole family. 


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