Jason Goes To Hell ***


“Jason Goes To Hell” starts off by having it’s main villain, Jason Voorhees, blown up in to thousands of pieces. Apparently the FBI have had enough after his eight different mass murder sprees and have decided to take him down for good. They lure him out by having a female agent stay alone in a cabin, get naked, take a shower, and generally act like people usually do in these movies. When Jason appears, he is riddled with bullets and eventually blown up with a grenade.

Now I don’t think I am spoiling anything by saying Jason finds a way to stay alive and kill again since we are only five minutes in. Turns out Jason has the power to possess other people with his soul. It starts with a coroner who is examining his remains. While examining his black heart it starts beating and the coroner, now in a trance, eats the heart and absorbs Jason’s spirit. This causes him to immediately seek out random campers who are having sex and murder them in terribly gruesome fashion.

From there he transfers from body to body, killing anyone in his path. His goal is to find his last living heir so he can be reborn as Jason Voorhees again.

Joining the fun is a bounty hunter named Duke. He adds life and a certain charisma to his character that has not been seen in a franchise that has reached nine films. Turns out he knows the only true way to stop Jason once and for all.

“Jason Goes To Hell” is pure trash from start to finish. The gore is pretty impressive and is among some of the most graphic and inventive that I have seen in this series. Fans of this series should enjoy this, especially after the last instalment where he went to New York City. Nothing could of been worse than that film.

In the end I remember “Jason Goes To Hell” as the film that finally linked this franchise to the “Nightmare On Elm Street” movies. It is only a split second moment but it paved the way for a fairly kick-ass crossover film.

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