The Last Boy Scout ***


“The Last Boy Scout” is one of Tony Scott’s most underrated movies. I can see why a lot of people might of shunned it. The characters are mostly vile and wretched, the violence is pretty extreme, and the plot is pretty over the top. But for my money it all works as pure entertainment.

The story follows an ex Secret Service agent and a former football quarterback who was barred because of illegal gambling, as they team up to find out who killed the football players girlfriend and why. This leads them to a large scandal where an evil senator is trying to get sports gambling legalized.

Bruce Willis is the ex agent who is now a Private Eye. Damon Wayans is the football player. Together they spend their time trading one liners and getting in to gun battles and chases.

The ninties were a good time for action films in my opinion. They were before the violence became toned down and created by computers. Everything had to be done practically and audiences craved gratuitous violence.

“The Last Boy Scout” would not work if it weren’t for the direction of Tony Scott. He makes an absurd setup work with great production values and high energy.


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