The Silence Of The Lambs ****


“The Silence Of The Lambs” is one of those films that defies the constraints of it’s genre and becomes something else entirely. The film took the grotesque events of the novel and portrayed them in a real world setting. The result was a film that has stood the test of time and become a classic. It also spawned two sequels that did not reach the heights that this film did.

The story about Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) is well known by now to movie goers. She is an FBI trainee who is brought on board the investigation of Buffalo Bill, a serial killer who skins his victims. This brings her in to contact with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins. She is sent by FBI director Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn), to enlist Lecters help in the case. Lecter is in prison. He was a psychologist who assisted the FBI before being exposed as a cannibal serial killer himself.

The scenes involving Lecter and Starling are what transcended this movie from pure horror in to a cinema classic. Lecter teases clues and plays head games with Starling ultimately for his own hidden agenda.

The investigation in to Buffalo Bill is complex as there are not really any clues left behind. Just some gruesome examinations of his victims bodies and references to obscure insects. As the case progresses it becomes more and more clear that his reasons for skinning his victims are some of the most horrific imaginable.

At the center is a performance by Jodie Foster as a small town girl trying to make it in the FBI. She is exposed to some truly terrifying things. She handles them like a professional, displaying a fierce intelligence and a lot of heart. She is also trying to be part of a prof


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