The Godfather Part III ***


The Godfather Part III” is pretty much the black sheep of this series.  Compared to the previous two instalments this film is no where near as good.  On it’s own terms I found a lot of it fascinating and some of it rather nostalgic. 

The performances are like an old shoe to most of this cast so I won’t even begin commenting on that.  I did find the new comers to be better then most people think.  Sophia Coppolla, daughter of Francis the director, gives a good performance as Michael Corleone’s daughter.  Andy Garcia plays a perfect loose canon in law.

The story involves the Corleone family’s attempts to go legit in terms of their business.  This is intertwined with a lot of family drama as the major characters try to resolve their differences stemming from situations that happened in the previous two films. 

A lot of people write this film off as being not only the worst in the series, but a bad film overall.  I think it only works if you have seen the previous films.  It doesn’t work at all without them.  As a closer to the series I guess it is satisfactory. 


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