Kindergarten Cop ***


Arnold Schwarzenegger goes under cover as a kindergarten teacher in order to flush out a murderer.  That is the plot of “Kindergarten Cop”.  But what really drew us in was to see the comedic results of watching the Terminator try to look after a group of school kids.  The results are pretty entertaining indeed.

Schwarzenegger is known mostly for his action roles but when it comes to comedy I don’t think he got enough respect.  He is at his funniest when he is kidding his own tough guy image.  “Kindergarten Cop” allows him to do this through an entire movie. 

Schwarzenegger also shows that he has what it takes to do romantic comedy as well when he becomes fond of one of the student’s mothers.  He and the kids mother have good chemistry on screen and creates a nice balance from the action and the comedy.

Kindergarten Cop” was a big time success when it came out in theatres and watching it again recently I find that it has not really aged at all. 


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