Predator 2 **


Predator 2” is the sequel to the original Arnold Schwarzenegger film.  The first movie was an exciting movie about an Alien that came to earth on a safari mission.  He enjoyed hunting and collecting skulls for his mantle.  He came across Schwarzenegger and his band of mercenaries in the Amazon. 

This time the Predator visits Los Angeles, which is at war with the local drug dealing gangs.  When I say war, I mean there are fierce gun battles in the streets.  This attracts the Predator.  I guess he wanted more of a challenge then he was dealt in the original film.  Danny Glover is the main character who battles the Predator this time, and he gives a good performance, its just too bad the movie is not very good.

From start to finish, this production is very dreary.  The action takes place in sewers, alleys, and run down buildings.  Not even half as exciting as the Amazon.  The urban landscape of this future L.A. is not appealing at all. 

Even the characters are boring, besides Glover that is.  All we get are your clichéd drug dealers and police officers. 


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