Rocky V **


“Rocky V” is an example of how a bad movie can almost kill a franchise. This was the first in the series to be universally hated by critics and paying audiences. I personally didn’t think that the previous sequels were nearly as good as the original, but I did feel that whatever entertainment value they offered was completely lost in this entry. It is nice to know that we got a proper ending with 2006’s “Rocky Balboa”, which took the series back to it’s roots by telling a raw and emotional story.

I think it is because nobody wanted to see a story where Rocky files for bankruptcy and loses everything. It seemed like a too obvious route to get the characters back to being middle class again. Rocky eventually takes a younger fighter under his wing named Tommy Gunn. The character is played by Tommy Morrison, who gives a rather uninspired performance. He is a hot head who doesn’t want to listen or learn the way Rocky did. Eventually the movie ends in a street fight between the two which in turn is one of the worst fights in cinematic history.

I urge everyone who disliked this film but loved the character of Rocky, to see “Rocky Balboa”. I know it seemed unlikely for Stallone to resume the role so many years later, but it worked and was a great film.

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