Child’s Play 2 **


“Child’s Play 2” is a sequel but is pretty much more of the same.  The original film was a sleeper hit that caused the studios to roll out a follow up right away.  It was a neat twist on the serial killer genre, having the bad guy a living doll.  If you recall from the first film the doll is possessed by the soul of a killer.  It was a devilishly entertaining film.  The sequel is not.

This time around little Andy from the first film has found himself living with foster parents.  Chucky learns of his new home and attempts to find him in order to complete the soul transfer ritual.  Other than that the movie basically follows Chucky as he savagely kills people.

The first movie was fun but this one feels like it is simply trying to capitalize on it’s success.  The writing, characters, even Chucky himself, are all flat and one dimensional. 


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