Graveyard Shift **


“Graveyard Shift” is one of those movies I remember seeing the VHS of at the video store when I was 12. I wanted to rent it so badly but my parents wouldn’t let me. It has a pretty awesome cover and when your 12 thats all it takes.

The story involves a crew at a Mill that find themselves overwhelmed with rats and being stalked by some sort of hideous creature. This creature is some nasty piece of work. It has no problem tearing people to pieces.

The screenplay is based off of a short story by Stephen King. It was not one of his better pieces of fiction. It is basically a monster movie that is bent on displaying as much gore as possible. Not a lot of thought went into characters or suspense.

I imagine the 12 year old version of myself might of enjoyed this with a group of my friends. The 31 year old version found it kind of generic.


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