Back To The Future Part III ***1/2


Back To The Future Part III” is the final instalment in the series and is almost as good as the original.  I was some what disappointed with the “Part II” but that is because the original film was simply one of a kind.  This film literally picks up right where the second one left off as they were both filmed back to back. 

Doc Brown, played wonderfully for a third time by Christopher Lloyd, has found himself back in the old west.  He has, left very specific instructions to Marty, played again by Michael J. Fox, not to come after him.  Marty defies these instructions and goes back to save him anyway. 

Once Marty arrives he gets caught up in a lot of western movie clichés, which are a lot of fun.  Marty adopts the name Clint Eastwood in an attempt to blend in with the old West.  He even gets caught up in a beef with a local gunslinger named Buford Tannen, who is a descendant of Biff Tannen.  Thomas Wilson hams it up one more time, leaving us with one of the truly great screen villains. 

The movie is a lot of fun and closes out one of the more inventive franchises of all time.  Robert Zemeckis, who has brought us many great films since, kicked off his career with these films, proved that he is one of the more creative forces in the film industry.


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