Revenge *


“Revenge” really left me at a loss for words. I was not sure which characters were really trying to get revenge to be honest.

Kevin Costner plays a fighter pilot who retires and heads down to Mexico to stay with a long time friend played by Anthony Quinn. Just so happens that Quinn is a dangerous gangster. Costner then begins an ill-advised affair with Quinn’s wife. He falls in love with her and the two travel away together in secret. When Quinn finds out he has Costner beaten and left for dead in the middle of nowhere.

If you can’t figure it out then you have not seen enough movies. Costner recovers and comes back to kill Quinn and his men. During his quest all I could really think about is how he had that beating coming. His character was so arrogant and Quinns wife so needy that they both left me wishing that they deserved each other.

The story here is so straight forward and off the shelf that the movie never has any suspense or surprises. Director Tony Scott brings nothing new to the tale at all. His visual style is evident from start to finish and the production is well directed, it’s just that the story is agonizingly predictable.


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