Glory ***1/2


I had never seen “Glory” before and I admit that I was a little hesitant as I am not big on movies about the American Civil War. “Glory” might of changed my mind on that subject as it is a fairly powerful film.

The story follows an all African American regiment of soldiers and the issues they faced when they volunteered to help fight the south. In the end they played a pretty pivotal role in the war.

A lot of the issues they ran in to were race related. They were to receive less pay than all white regiments, they were denied army issue shoes, and generally regarded as inferior soldiers.

Matthew Broderick and Cary Elwes star as the commanders who are tasked with training them and leading them in to war. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington play a few of the soldiers in the regiment. Everybody gives a solid performance but the big surprise for me was Broderick. He started out looking out of place but slowly builds a complex and effective character. This is one of his best performances.

The battle in the end is one of the most vivid and harrowing that I have ever seen in a movie. Basically this regiment volunteers to be a human shield in order to take a heavily guarded base. The result is realistically terrifying.


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