Driving Miss Daisy ***


“Driving Miss Daisy” is the story of two people who come to form an unlikely bond. When I say unlikely it is because one of the characters is an elderly Jewish lady and the other is an older black man. The decade is the 1940’s, and the place is Atlanta, Georgia. Not exactly the time or place to find a friendship between these two people.

Jessica Tandy plays Daisy Werthan, a wealthy Jewish widow. After a driving mishap wrecks the car, her son, played by Dan Akroyd, insists that she hire a chauffeur. Morgan Freeman plays Hoke Colburn, the man she hires for the job.

Now I did find their relationship very interesting especially the way it grew deeper over the passage of time. Their conversations begin as banter but quickly grow in to more meaningful subjects. For example when it is discovered that Hoke cannot read, Daisy takes it upon herself to teach him.

There are also moments when outsiders look in and bring their prejudices with them. It is that aspect of the film that I was was explored further.

The performances are quite good here I am just not sure if they were awards worthy. Both actors play to their strengths and develop interesting characters but I just feel that a lot might of been left on the table.


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