The War Of The Roses ***1/2


“The War Of The Roses” is one of those movies that does not easily fit in to one category. It is a bit of a romance, a bit of drama, a lot of dark comedy with a bit of horror for good measure. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are terrific yet terrifying as a couple that nearly go homicidal on each other.

The story starts out like it is going to be a typical romantic drama. Douglas and Turner meet as they try to outbid each other on an antique. They get married and have children. After a few years Douglas gets a big promotion at work leaving Turner to dedicate her life to furnishing their large house. Over the years she finds her creative spirits have been crushed by becoming a suburban house wife. This is when things go horribly wrong.

Turner wants a divorce and the two start torturing each other mercilessly. Douglas ruins a dinner party by pissing on the main coarse and Turner runs over his prized vintage car with her monster truck. Eventually they find themselves locked in the house attempting to murder or severely maim each other.

The result is hilarious yet disturbing. I think we have all thought about doing some of the things that happen in this movie to our spouses but seeing it all acted out had a horrifying impact. These are two people who should not be together.


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