My Left Foot ****


“My Left Foot” is the true story of Christy Brown. Brown was born with Cerebral Palsy and could only control his left foot. He grew up with a poor working class family in Ireland eventually becoming a painter and a writer.

Now I have seen a lot of performances in a lot of movies but I have never seen anything as compelling or as complex as the performance that Daniel Day Lewis gives here as Christy Brown. I can’t even imagine the research he put in to this role. I hear that he stayed in character during the entire shoot, much to the annoyance of the cast and crew who had to push or carry him everywhere.

Lewis won an academy award for his performance here. I was eight years old at the time so I did not watch it. Did they even have four other nominations? I can’t imagine they even considered any other performances.

Jim Sheridan wrote and directed this biopic and he makes it as authentic and uncompromising as possible. He never cuts away from difficult scenes or takes the easy road when telling this story.

“My Left Foot” is an experience I will not forget any time soon.


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