Black Rain **


“Black Rain” is one of those movies that is just ugly to look at. The sets, the visual effects and the over all production just drowns out all the characters and story. Not that there is much of a story to drown out. Everything hinges on some rather unlikely plot points.

Michael Douglas plays a New York cop who is assigned to travel to Japan to extradite a criminal. This seems like an unlikely assignment as he is under heavy investigation from internal affairs plus the criminal he is transporting would most likely be charged in the U.S. for his crimes. Anyways, they travel over seas just to lose their suspect to Yakuza dressed in police uniforms. How this happens is one of the dumbest points of the film.

Ridley Scott is such a skilled filmmaker but I you can really tell when his heart is in a movie he is making. Compare “Alien”, “Blade Runner” and “Kingdom Of Heaven” to movies like “Black Rain”, “Robin Hood” and “A Good Year” and I think it becomes obvious when he starts to lose faith in a project he is working on.

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