Uncle Buck ***1/2


“Uncle Buck” may very well be my favorite John Candy role. I am torn between this movie and “The Great Outdoors”.

“Uncle Buck” never gets old. I have seen it at least a dozen times and it makes me laugh every time. John Candy plays Buck, and out of work gambling junkie who is suddenly called up on to baby sit his brothers kids during a family emergency. Despite the description he is a lovable oaf who jumps at the opportunity to reconnect with his brothers family after years of not talking.

This results in the usual trouble as his bachelor life style is suddenly domesticated. He microwaves the laundry to get it dry, cooks up a nasty looking breakfast for the kids, and suddenly has to deal with wild teenagers.

Comedies like this just don’t get made anymore. After John Candy passed away he seemed to take this type of humor with him. Kevin James seems to be the closest to taking over his mantle. “Uncle Buck” is a comedic classic. I don’t think most comedies that have come out in recent memory will be thought of this way 20 years later.

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