The Abyss ****

Ed Harris in "The Abyss"

Ed Harris in “The Abyss”

James Cameron’s “The Abyss” is a stirring and wondrous science fiction adventure featuring ground breaking visual effects.  This is the type of film that recalls early science fiction tales.  Stories containing mystery’s and the scientists who attempt to solve them. 

The movie opens with an American submarine that is seemingly attacked by a mysterious force at the bottom of the ocean.  Navy seals as well as workers from a near by oil rig are enlisted to find the Sub and discover the reason for it’s sinking.  What they discover is a strange aquatic alien species, and much more.

Cameron, who wrote and directed “The Abyss”, seems to have a deep fascination with the mysteries of the ocean.  Here he mixes that fascination with his love of other worldly creatures.  In a decade filled with science fiction films filled with bullets and action, including Cameron’s own “Aliens”, this film takes the time to develop a story that really tickles our imagination.


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