Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan 1/2*


“Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan” is mind numbing in it’s stupidity. Whats worse is that the filmmakers make no attempt to explain gaping plot holes. As you remember from the last film, Jason Voorhees was dead at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

As this film opens, a yacht docks in front of camp crystal lake. How did it enter the lake you ask as there are no rivers or streams connecting the lake to other bodies of water? I waited for the filmmakers to answer that but no solution ever came. Suddenly the anchor of this ship tears through a thick electrical cable which Jason just happens to be held down by. The anchor cutting in to it sends a jolt of electricity to Jason and brings him back to life. Where does this cable go to? Apparently it powers the camp as suddenly all the lights went out. Seems logical. His first victims are the inhabitants of the yacht.

But just when you were getting over that plot hole we cut to an ocean side port where Jason has some how navigated this yacht to. It is here the he boards a cruise ship bound for New York City. The ship has been charted by a local graduating class that is celebrating their impending graduation. Just his type of victims. All young, horny and ready to get high. Turns out he has a convenient connection to one of the people on board. How did he know she would be there?

So the movie then drags us through the usual series of gruesome murders as Jason stalks all these teens on a boat. It was at this point I began wondering why the title was not “Jason Eventually Ends Up In Manhattan” as the first hour takes place all at sea. Apparently budgetary constraints meant that the movie could not feature too many different sets. When the remaining characters do escape the ship while at sea, they some how row their way right to the Statue of Liberty. Suddenly Jason appears out of the water to chase them. Apparently he swam from the middle of no where right to where they would dock.

At this point I will stop describing the plot. It does not suddenly become a masterpiece of logic in the end believe me. What I will say is that when we finally get to New York we are treated to one shot of the city we recognize. Everything is shot in Vancouver, Canada, with no attempt to make it look like Manhattan at all. The characters are given dialogue so dumb it borders on offensive. At one point a character actually says “I think we could be more productive if we split up”. Have none of these people even seen a horror movie before?


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