License To Kill ***1/2


James Bond had a bit of a rough ride through the 80s. There was a total of five films and this was the only good one in my opinion. After this movie it would be six years before James Bond would be seen on the big screen again.

“License To Kill” finds James Bond pretty much disavowed from MI6 as he seeks revenge against a drug lord for their attack on his friend, CIA agent Felix Leiter. With nothing to lose and no support from his government, he becomes a dangerous rogue who will stop at nothing to take out those responsible.

Timothy Dalton would only make two appearances as James Bond. His version was more hard edged and less obsessed with women and sex. He was leaner and more violent in my opinion. I enjoyed his performance but he isn’t my favorite.

“License To Kill” is a fun thrill ride and a pretty good Bond film. Compared to the other entries in that decade it is almost masterful.


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