Batman (1989) ***1/2


Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger in "Batman"


“Batman” was the first live action adaptation of the Dark Knight that portrayed the character in a darker light.  Tim Burton brought his gothic vision to create a pretty dense and atmospheric Gotham City.  Michael Keaton turned out to be a very solid choice to play the conflicted Bruce Wayne.  And in Jack Nicholson, we were given a Joker that was darkly funny. 

When this opened back in 1989 it took the box office by storm.  People lined up for a Batman movie that was true to it’s origins.  Audiences appreciated the dark vision and the comic action.  For me I liked the movie a lot.  I thought it was a very accomplished production over all.  There were some scenes that went too over the top for me.  That would include the scene where the joker storms a museum while blaring music from Prince. 

batmanAlthough I do not consider this to be the best out of the original “Batman” films, I do hold it high in the Dark Knight’s universe.  I felt that it could have been a little darker.  From what I have learned, Tim Burton really had to battle the Warner Bros. executives to keep the overall tone of the film away from camp.  After it became a huge success, it paved the way for what I think was the best Batman movie until “Batman Begins”.