Ghostbusters II ***

20120812-225932.jpg“Ghostbusters II” was one of those sequels that was simply inevitable. The first movie was a massive financial and critical success. It is also inevitable that this movie was not going to be able to measure up to it’s predecessor. How could it? It is very hard to top a modern classic. But the movie is funny and entertaining and I was glad to see these characters again.
The story this time follows an ancient being that is trapped in a painting in a museum who is coming back to life to wreak havoc on the city. As the movie opens the Ghostbusters have lost all credibility and are reduced to doing kids birthday parties to make ends meat. But they are called back to action when ghouls and ghosts start to inhabit the city again.
When the movie debuted in 1989 it didn’t even make half the box office that the original did nor did it have the cultural impact. Watching it over twenty years later that stuff simply does not matter. It is a worthy follow up to the original. Now lets hope that these rumors of a third movie in the making stay as rumors because resurrecting a franchise after this many years just does not work.


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