Star Trek V: The Final Frontier **


“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” stands out as the worst film in the Trek franchise. What makes it worse is that it was the only entry directed by William Shatner. That being said it is a well made film, as in the direction is confident and the performances are great it is just that they are at the service of a weak story.

Maybe it was hard to follow “The Voyage Home” as it is arguably the best film in the franchise. After that great film the creators decided the only way to follow it up would be to literally take these characters to the final frontier. This is an ambitious idea but it is all undone when they get there and discover a god like entity that wants nothing more then to commandeer their ship and bounce out of there.

There is also the plot of Spock’s brother, a delusional outcast who manages to take over the Enterprise and fly it in to the unknown. His performance is no where near vile enough to even justify calling him a villain. Compare him to Khan or General Chang and he pales in comparison.

I am glad that they made another film and did not leave this as the final mission of the original crew because this would be a sad ending to a legendary franchise.


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