Pet Sematary **1/2


“Pet Sematary” is one of those movies that I have always heard about but never seen until now. I have to admit that I had a whole different idea in my head of what this movie was going to be about. For some reason I imagined pets coming back to life and killing people. How wrong I was.

The story follows a family that moves in to a new house that just happens to be on one of the most dangerous streets in America. Semi trucks race down the street almost unrealistically fast and seemingly without regard for peoples pets as most of the neighborhood has lost their animals to this road.

Just up the hill is a cemetery where all the local pets are buried. This is when I thought that the animals would come to life. How wrong I was. The Cemetery seems to have some powers of regeneration as it can bring some beings back from the dead but they are not the same. The family cat comes back to life and is aggressive and violent.

When one of the children is killed by a reckless truck driver, the father decides to bury the kid in this cemetery in hopes that he will come back to life, which he does. But he comes back as something more dangerous.

The movie is based on a story by Stephen King. For me I just didn’t find myself getting involved. Maybe I was disappointed that there was no undead cats coming back to life.


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