Field Of Dreams ****


“Field Of Dreams” is one of my favorite movies. It is about as pure as cinema can get. From the opening moments, where a man walks out in to his vast corn field and hears a voice telling him “if you build it, he will come”, to travelling through time, to seeing the ghosts of former baseball legends playing in your back yard, this movie make no excuses for it’s fantasy. They simply ask that you come along for the ride.

Kevin Coster plays the farmer who hears the voice. He then gets a vision of a baseball field. Amazingly, he gets the blessing of his wife to build a field. She bucks the stereotype that movie wives will battle their husbands. Instead, Amy Madigan is allowed to play the wife as loving and supportive. Maybe thats why she is able to see what happends next for herself.

After the baseball field is built, Shoeless Joe Jackson appears. He is followed by the a few more players from the 1919 Black Sox. This leads Costner on an Odyssey through time, following leads and putting together a grander picture.

The movie was directed by Phil Alden Robinson, who simply allows the story develop in a natural and absorbing way. Everything here is over the top but i was drawn in by the fearless way in which it is told. The actors all play their roles perfectly as well. This is one of those movies that is wonderful from start to finish.


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