Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure ***


What can I say about “Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure”? Well it is just plain fun.

<font size=”2″ face=”Arial”Imagine for a second that you could ride a magical phone booth through time to get a first hand look at history for your high school project. This is the opportunity that Bill and Ted, played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters, get from Rufus played by George Carlin.

Bill and Ted are basically a couple of 80’s metal heads who are in a band called Wyld Stallions. Yes that is how they spell it. When their band is threatened by failing history, the two go on a journey through time and bring back many historical characters to help them pass.

Watching this again brings back good memories. It is harmless entertainment that is funny, entertaining and yes teaches us a tiny bit about history.


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