Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives ***


“Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” is the sixth instalment in a franchise that simply will not die. The last three entries have all been repetitive garbage but some how the creators have made part six in to a fairly entertaining horror flick. How did this happen you say? I think it has to do with the decision by the writers and director to abandoned all logic and make the antagonist a super natural force. I also enjoyed all the self referential humour they injected in to the characters.

The film once again starts with the character of Tommy Jarvis. As you know he killed Jason Voorhees as a little boy. Now he is haunted by his past. He is determined to exorcise those demons by digging up Jason’s body and cremating the remains, just to make sure he is dead. When he sees the decomposed body he gets angry and stabs it with a metal fence post. Amazingly, lightning hits the post and electrifies life in to Jason, basically turning him in to a zombie. He wakes up and begins a rampage through the town of Forest Green. They used to be called Crystal Lake but they had the named changed to try and forget it’s bloody history.

At this point you are willing to go with it or you are simply annoyed an angry. I went with it but I don’t blame you if you didn’t. It is ridiculous. But I was willing to embrace it if the filmmakers rolled with it and they did.

I also enjoyed the decision by Tom McLoughlin to try and make this more of a horror film by creating a dark and creepy look to the film. Every shot and location feels like something scary is actually happening. Its not the best I have ever seen but I fully appreciated the effort.

My only real gripe with this film is that the kills seemed tamer than before. A lot of the time the camera would pull away just before the money shot. Was there a battle with the MPAA? Why were earlier films allowed to be so graphic and not this one? Anyways it is a minor gripe.

Now that Jason Voorhees is officially undead, I fear that this series could go on forever. The thought of that doesn’t sit well with me. I enjoyed this movie just barely, mostly because of how absurd it is and because it is a notch above most of the earlier entries which isn’t saying too much.


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